Signed petitions must get to us by July 3


Help bring an end to career politicians, sign the Petition!

Three Easy steps to signing the petition
 1  Get the petition.
Acquire the petition pdf file by download or email, and then print it, or have it printed. See options to the right.

 2  Sign the petition.
On the line provided near the top of the petition sheet, write in the name of the county where you vote. Sign and complete the first line of the petition, and get like-minded fiiends and family who vote in the same county to sign on the remaining lines. Write legibly. Only registered voters may sign. Use a different sheet for each county.

 3  Notarize the petition.
When you are done collecing signatures, take the petition to a notary. Many banks offer this service to their customers free of charge. In the notary's presence, complete and sign the Canvasser section at the bottom left of the petition.

Please see our Training page for more information.

What am I signing?
Arkansas is one of 18 states where citizens can propose constitutional amendments through an initiative process. It is a power reserved to the people in our constitution. To get an amendment on the ballot for voters consideration, we must gather over 84,000 voter signatures on a petition. This process was followed in 1992, when the first Arkansas Term Limits amendment was passed by voters.

What are Term Limits?
Term limits are a legal restriction that limits the number of terms an officeholder may serve in a particular elected office. Our proposed amendment is for the politicians in the State Legislature only. It limits state Representives to three 2-year terms (6 years total), and state Senators to two 4-year terms (8 years total). It brings an end to the era of career politicians.

If we are successful in gathering the required number of valid signatures, the new Arkansas Term Limits amendment will be placed on the ballot for voters to consider in November, 2018.

Please see our Training page for instructions on how to complete the petition sheet.


Receive Petition via Email.
Enter your email address and click Send Request, it's that easy. Name optional. We'll respond with an email that includes the petition, instructions, sample completed petition, and a short history of Arkansas term limits. Your information will not be shared with anyone.

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Download the Petition.
You can download the petition and print it yourself, or take the downloaded .pdf file to an office products store such as Office Depot or Staples and have them print it for you. It's pretty simple, only a couple of rules:

  • Print on white, legal size paper
  • Print both sides
  • Use the "Actual Size" option on the Acrobat print menu

NOTE: If your printer doesn't print duplex (two-sided), just print one side, then run the sheet thru the printer again and print the other side.